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  • Let’s meet the designer behind the OMVAI logo!

    Let’s meet the designer behind the OMVAI logo!

    The OMVAI logo is one of the first things to capture our attention every time we log on to the website. Like many of you, I was absolutely fascinated with the logo and wanted to know the story and creation process behind it. This gave me an opportunity to interact with the creative mind behind the logo, Alice Lo!  Alice Lo and I spoke...
  • Pashmina - A Gift That Keeps on Giving

    Pashmina - A Gift That Keeps on Giving

    Winter is coming which means those warm sunny days are far behind. Fashion trends are slowly shifting towards warmth and comfort whilst looking sophisticated. Now is the time to redesign your daily look for winter and take it up a notch with these beautiful elegant pashmina shawls!  What Is Pashmina?  The word “pashm” translates to wool in Persian. In Kashmir, it is referred to...
  • What is OMVAI?

    What is OMVAI?

    Are you looking for unique gift ideas? Do you want to support small businesses while doing so? Look no further, OMVAI has got everything you need! But you are probably wondering who we are? Read on below to know more about OMVAI and what exactly we represent!What is In our world of fast fashion, aims to change that course and focus on...
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