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A beautifully crafted piece to add to an evening wear. Or wear it just like that on a regular day to feel good.
Bought the lovely pair of cufflinks to gift to my friend on his engagement ceremony. Its rich, royal and beautiful. Love it to the core.
I recently bought a heart pendant from OMVAI and its simply gorgeous. Beautiful natural stone. Highly recommended
Simply adore the elegance of the coasters. The color, the plating, the look - everything is simply wonderful. Awesome colors and collection at
The fabric is pure and soft. Really comfortable and adds elegance to all your outfits. I loved it and would recommend to everyone.


Holiday Season Gift Guide

Holiday Season Gift Guide

Your Essential Holiday Season Gift Guide is here! It can get a bit overwhelming to buy exciting gifts for all your family and friends. Deciding what to get each person and finding one...
Let’s meet the designer behind the OMVAI logo!

Let’s meet the designer behind the OMVAI logo!

The OMVAI logo is one of the first things to capture our attention every time we log on to the website. Like many of you, I was absolutely fascinated with the logo and...
Pashmina - A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Pashmina - A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Winter is coming which means those warm sunny days are far behind. Fashion trends are slowly shifting towards warmth and comfort whilst looking sophisticated. Now is the time to redesign your daily look...
What is OMVAI?

What is OMVAI?

Are you looking for unique gift ideas? Do you want to support small businesses while doing so? Look no further, OMVAI has got everything you need! But you are probably wondering who we...
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