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What is OMVAI?

Are you looking for unique gift ideas?

Do you want to support small businesses while doing so?

Look no further, OMVAI has got everything you need! But you are probably wondering who we are? Read on below to know more about OMVAI and what exactly we represent!

What is

In our world of fast fashion, aims to change that course and focus on businesses that pour out their heart and soul into their work. We believe these businesses provide their customers with the quality they deserve. All our products have been drafted, designed, created and brought together by experienced designers and artists only for you. is an e-commerce website that has been established on a global platform to provide our customers with a wide range of unique collections to choose from. We provide a platform for under-represented people to showcase their products and get the recognition they deserve (we know that they do!). Each of the items showcased on the website has been selected for their authenticity as well as appealing appearance to bestow our customers with options that would not be available anywhere else.

Meaning of OMVAI

“OM” is the primordial sound of creation. It is the original vibration of the universe. “OM” is linked to various theories, the most common being a mystic syllable. Moreover, this syllable is considered to be the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. The syllable ‘OM’ first originated from Upanishads and has been around for centuries. Most of us would recognize it from its appearance in Sanskrit recitations, prayers, and texts.

For those of you who practice yoga, you would have come across this syllable at either the beginning or the end of the practice, particularly when you are meditating. This is because OM is also linked to the crown chakra which represents the connection to all positive sources. No wonder we get positive vibes upon hearing or calmly chanting “OM”.

“VAI” is the identity of Vaibhav Kothari who is the founder of and is the short form of his name. You can read more about him and his journey in the section About Vai! Combining them together, we get OMVAI! Pretty cool right?

Since OMVAI is Vaibhav’s creation, Vai himself personally selected a beautifully curated collection of various products to be displayed on the website. His main aim behind the selection process is to select those products that would make customers feel a sense of luxury, with the guidance and blessings of OMVAI.

What makes OMVAI different?

With the fashion industry being highly competitive, many artisans from the under-represented communities find it hard to showcase their talents on a global front. OMVAI aims to close the gap between these different communities and bring everyone together, to work towards inclusion focusing on one’s talents.

As a core working principle, OMVAI as an organisation believes in supporting and promoting Deaf and Hard-of-hearing talents. They also aim to contribute to society by bringing about inclusivity and providing a platform for talented under-represented people, like LGBTQ+ and individuals with disabilities around the world.

Not only do they provide individuals with a chance to showcase their talents, OMVAI also gives a part of its revenues for social justice causes, such as donating aid to the poor, distributing meals to the needy and contributing to NGOs which take care of disabled people.

OMVAI is breaking barriers by providing individuals with a platform to gain recognition for their hard work irrespective of their sexual orientations and/or disabilities. It is leading the way by showing people that being a part of an under-represented community (disabled, LGBTQ+ and under-represented women) does not define who we are, rather it is a small part of us and we are so much more than our identities given by society.

Shopping with OMVAI does not only give you immense satisfaction of buying a unique handcrafted gift for your family and friends, it also provides these hard working artists with the recognition they deserve.

So, why not brighten more than one person's day?! It will cost you nothing more than buying a product from our site.  Browse and find our full range on our website!

Written by Shanice Fernandes.

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