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Pashmina - A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Winter is coming which means those warm sunny days are far behind. Fashion trends are slowly shifting towards warmth and comfort whilst looking sophisticated. Now is the time to redesign your daily look for winter and take it up a notch with these beautiful elegant pashmina shawls! 

What Is Pashmina? 

The word “pashm” translates to wool in Persian. In Kashmir, it is referred to as the raw unspun wool from the goats in the region. Thus, pashmina refers to the material used to make the shawl. However, do not mistake it for Cashmere! While both materials are similar, Pashmina is a variety of Cashmere as they are derived from different species of goats. 

How Is a Pashmina Shawl Created? 

Pashmina is made from the fine hair of the Pashmina goat, sorted from raw Cashmere, spun, and woven into a shawl. The entire process is a tedious one as it is quite comprehensive and detailed in nature. It requires a level of precision that is beyond the scope of many. 

Here at OMVAI, the Pashmina shawls are woven using traditional looms and are ethically sourced from within India. The hand-embroidered range available on is made using single needle embroidery and is completely handmade. The artisans are very passionate about creating their pieces and ensure that it is done with the utmost precision and care. A single piece of shawl may take them up to 60 to 75 days depending upon the design and its level of complexity. 

Why Do Pashmina Shawls Make For a Perfect Gift for Every Occasion? 

  • Elegance Personified 

This fashion piece, thanks to the complex process to create it, is very elegant with intricate patterns that have been woven by its weavers into the cloth. This piece is the definition of elegance, as it provides you with the chance to elevate your outfit and make sure that it’s the centre of any occasion. 

  • Warmth 

Pashmina shawls have been created using such old and traditional methods that have been passed down for centuries. Hence, it has the ability to provide the perfect insulation which ensures that you are kept warm during the winter. Moreover, these shawls are ideal for sudden changes in the climate. 

  • Timeless 

With the fashion world being so fast-paced and many clothing items going out of fashion in the blink of an eye, it would be useful to invest in a timeless piece. These shawls, if cared for in the right manner, would be able to last as long as 30 years or even longer! Such pieces can be handed down to the next generation, as a result, exuding vintage elegance. 

  • Style 

These shawls come in various styles, colors and patterns. Here at OMVAI, we have a huge range of Pashminas including the basic solid pashminas, reversible ones with different colors, Kani pashminas which are woven using bright colors and a hand-embroidered range. We also provide patterned pashminas in checks, stripes and zig-zag patterns, rest assured you are bound to find one that will catch your eye. 

  • Sustainable 

Buying a Pashmina complies with the idea of sustainable production, as Pashmina making is an environmentally friendly endeavor. Considering that It is made from a natural fibre, it is biodegradable. Furthermore, all its raw materials are ethically sourced, so there is no animal cruelty or exploitation of labour in this process. As the shawl is produced without the use of machines or power looms, it's eco-friendly and safe for the environment. 

Buy Your Ideal Pashmina Now! 

No matter the occasion or if it’s just your style, we have a design that is just right for you! 

If you are looking for more reasons to buy yourself or a loved one a Pashmina shawl, just browse through our fabulous collection here!

- Shanice Fernandes

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