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For the grass that you have just eaten, oh Goat,🐐
Give us some good Pashm.
For the water that you have just drunk, oh Goat,🐐
Give us some good Pashm.
Sit down on the grass🍀🍃 and be still, oh goat,🐐
So that we can take out your Pashm.✨

A song the herdsmen recite as they comb the pashm wool from their goats.🎶🎵

#PASHM, the fibre!💖
Every year, when winter is at its zenith, in some of the coldest regions of the world, some resident animals like goats, antelope, pox, yak grow a undercoat beneath their course. Come spring, as the temperature rises, they discard these undercoats[downs] for which they no longer have any use. The luxurious fibres from these discarded undercoats are then plucked or combed.
Of all the animal fibres, the most Pre-eminent are from the down bearing goats found in India’s northern most region of Ladakh. The fleece obtained from these goats is called PASHM, from which the classic KASHMIR shawls are woven! It’s a Urdu word originating from Farsi, that is applied to the raw fibre extracted from these down bearing goats and this fibre is ‘Par Excellence’.
#PASHMINA, the Cloth!💖
Pashmina is the yarn spurn and the material woven from the PASHM. Without any doubt, pashm is the finest fibre ever woven, but on its arrival in Srinagar it is a grubby and greasy mass. To transform this into a fabric of gossamer fineness and with patterns as soft as the flowers they evoke, takes all the skills and mastery of the Kashmiri weavers and dyers.

At, the #Pashmina shawls are woven using traditional looms and the Pashm is ethically and directly sourced from these weavers.
Then, using single needle hand embroidery various styles, designs, and patterns are created.. The artisans are very passionate about creating their pieces and ensure that it is done with the utmost precision and care. A single piece of shawl may take them up to 60 to 75 days depending upon the design and its level of complexity.
Here at, we have a huge range of Pashminas including the basic solid pashminas, reversible ones with different colours, Kani pashminas which are woven using bright colours and a hand-embroidered range. We also provide patterned pashminas in checks, stripes and zig-zag patterns. Rest assured you are bound to find one that will catch your eye.🧡💛💚💙

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