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‘Best Version Of Version Of Myself’

THE DAY I ACCEPTED MYSELF FOR WHO I AM, IS THE DAY I BECAME TRULY FREE! And from then on I have constantly aspired to be the ‘Best Version Of Version Of Myself’😍🎆

Did you know that by just being your most AUTHENTIC and PERFECTLY IMPERFECT self, you can not only transform your health and life but also have an extraordinary impact on the world?🎉✨🎊

AND ANYONE CAN DO IT! Today want to share with you, all that I discovered in this journey of becoming what I was always meant to be…. My Best Version!!🤩
If it resonates with and contributes to even one soul, I will feel blessed!

❤️ No one has a claim over the word NORMAL! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you don’t fit the mold. Your difference is what makes you stand out. Make it your strength. CELEBERATE IT!
❤️Whether you are a man or a woman, black or white, Asian or American, tall or short; with special abilities or a disability, let nothing stop you from celebrating your uniqueness
❤️Learn. True characteristics in your DNA is a good place to begin the process but don’t get limited there.
 ❤Shift your mindset from what you were programmed to believe. Practiced Conformity is not healthy.
 ❤️Don’t dwell on your past too much. Reflect for a bit and move on. Whatever happened in your past, happened for a reason. You were being pushed to come out of your comfort zone and experience your true greatness
❤️Break the shackles of Judgments, Grudges and Limiting Point of views
❤️ Use Your most positive traits and talents. Those aspects which form your Signature strength. Using them will make you feel that what you do in life matters, and you will start expressing yourselves more freely, with no fear of judgements.
 ❤This will make you happy and hopeful and you will also start taking better care of yourself. Optimism alone can lead to a lot of health issues getting sorted. And positive emotions will also lead to greater success.
❤️Total wellness, Authentic happiness and living up to our full potential is an obligation that we have towards ourselves and the world. CLAIM IT!
 ❤️ Its only then that you can transform your dream into reality and also impact the world with your shine.

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be”

Are YOU ready to claim your greatness and be the best version of you?
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