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Holiday Season Gift Guide

Your Essential Holiday Season Gift Guide is here!

It can get a bit overwhelming to buy exciting gifts for all your family and friends. Deciding what to get each person and finding one that’s within your budget can take a toll on you. So, this season, we at OMVAI compiled a list of the greatest holiday gifts for everyone on your list!

Pashmina Shawls

OMVAI provides their customers with authentic pashmina shawls that have been woven using traditional looms. The raw materials used for these shawls have been locally & ethically sourced, as a result helping small businesses.

Buying one of these shawls for a dear one, will surely make them feel appreciated and loved. What’s more is that with the ongoing colder winter months, they can keep themselves warm while also looking fashionable.



Jewelry is a way for one to showcase their personality or even beliefs through various different items. Women (and even men) love having jewelry that is beautifully engraved and represents their culture and beliefs.

Here at OMVAI, we provide our customers with different types of jewelry, from healing jewelry to sterling sliver, so there’s really something for every one.

Our jewelry has one of the most unique designs you will find available in the market. We provide our customers with the choice of getting a piece that represents your culture, such as the peacock or lotus to sign language gestures. There is something for everyone!

We have also launched a collection of healing jelwery (rings, bracelets, pendants/necklaces) that are known for their life-changing powers, resulting in a more balanced, happier life, as well as increased energy and positive feelings. Check out our jewelry collection to find the perfect gift for your family or friends.


Home Decor

The holidays are a terrific time to give (or receive!) beautiful items that your loved one would never think to buy for themselves!

Everyone's interior design is unique, which may make buying home décor gifts both fun and challenging. After all, decorating is a really personal thing! These types of gifts, however, can be some of the most meaningful if you're prepared to spend a little additional time thinking about what your loved ones might like having in their homes.

OMVAI has some of the most beautifully crafted home decor for you to choose from for your loved one that is sure to get them feeling appreciated.



Last but not the least, clothes! Gifting clothes is one of the most popular choices for a present and one that many people always appreciate.

OMVAI provides our customers with a variety of options for all. The apparel range has been designed by underrepresented artisans providing you with some never seen before creations and unique prints, so there’s no chance you would end up twinning with a stranger! Check out the fashion section at OMVAI to find your piece of apparel that would allow you to stand out in the crowd.


Find the perfect gift now

OMVAI as an organisation is changing the narrative of the e-commerce industry by bringing about inclusivity and providing a platform for talented under-represented people, like LGBTQ+ and individuals with disabilities around the world.

Further, we provide individuals with a chance to showcase their talents while also giving a part of our revenues for social justice causes, such as donating aid to the poor, distributing meals to the needy and contributing to NGOs which take care of disabled people.

So doing your holiday shopping with us does not only give you immense satisfaction of buying a unique handcrafted gift for your family and friends, it also provides these hard working artists with the recognition they deserve!


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