TAHIRA - Pashmina Shawl - 100% Wool


TAHIRA, is an Arabic originated name which means "Pure" symbolizing purity and beauty. TAHIRA is said to give a crystal clear vision. Innocence, Modesty an Chaste are all associated with the word TAHIRA.

  • Beautifully handcrafted pure Pashmina shawl made from the finest pashmina fiber to give it the super-soft luxurious feel.
  • These are hand block printed using azo-free dyes, which are hypo-allergic, ecofriendly, and non-toxic to the environment.
  • Being lightweight, it is a beautiful shawl or a body wrap fabric, warm enough to keep you cozy in the cold weather.
  • A product of OMVAI India, it is graceful, alluring and exquisite; made with finesse to give you the warmest feeling.

Size - 70 x 210 cms