PAREEHA Elegant Soft Lilac Embroidered Shawl - Unisex (M/F)

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Pareeha, a Persian origin word means like a fairy, a happy and joyful state of mind. This pretty Lilac embroidered shawl indeed brings joy and is a pretty pc of art with its embroidered patterns of the shawl, both for men and women. It is made with an intricate embroidery on the border and the traditional motif using silk threads .The intricate jaal look in the border with royal paisley motifs makes the pashmina look divine and mesmerizing

Those shawls are unique and each piece takes up to 1-2 months to be completed
Crafted by the artisans of Kashmir, it has a soft hand feel and smooth texture. The Shawl embraces your silhouette with elegance and poise. Easy to drape and wrap around for the cozy warm feel. Experience the Luxury of drapes with OMVAI.

Fabric - 100% wool
Embroidery - Silk
Color -Soft Lilac with Hand embroidery using a single needle
Washing Instructions - Dry Clean Only

This picture is taken professionally with a Deaf female model, supporting OMVAI’s core values by promoting Deaf talents all over the world.

100% Cashmere Wool

Hand woven with Needle Embroidery

Ethical and Sustainable

Hand Embroidered in 60-75 days