OMVAI Semi-Precious Natural Agate Coasters (Set of 4) with Gold plating - Dreamy Sky Blue

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These beautiful coasters are designed by rural artisans as a skilled ARTISAN CRAFTSMANSHIP. A very appealing , spectacular and contemporary style set to add elegance and luxury to a table set up.

Being handcrafted from natural Agate stones, the slight imperfections add beauty to them. Its pattern, thickness and color would have slight variations from one piece to another

Product Description:

- A beautiful set of coasters made of natural Agate stone with gold plating
- There are felt buffers at bottom to protect the tabletops and make the coasters anti slip
- Suitable to be used Indoor and Outdoor

Healing Properties:

The spiritual healing properties of agate facilitate growth and stability

Agate powers encourage quiet introspection and contemplation, providing a soothing, supportive energy for spiritual growth and confidence in your spirituality

Agate crystals strengthen or help establish a connection to Guardian Angels. Different types of agate tend to be favored by different Guardian Angels

100% Natural Stones

Natural pattern and shapes