KASHIFA : Black Intricate Embroidered Shawl for UNISEX (M/F)

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Precise and highly decorative needle work embroidery on the Black shawl, makes it look ethereal and graceful. Crafted by the artisans of Kashmir, it has a soft hand feel and smooth texture. This shawl embraces your silhouette with elegance and poise. Easy to drape and wrap around for the cozy warm feel.

Experience the luxury of drapes with OMVAI!!

Hand made. Takes months to make one pc due to the intricate needle work

Fabric - 100% wool
Embroidery - Silk
Color - Black with multi color silk threads. Single needle embroidery, 100% hand embroidered
Washing Instructions - Dry Clean Only

Size - 100 x 210 cms

100% Cashmere Wool

Hand woven with Needle Embroidery

Ethical and Sustainable

Hand Embroidered in 60-75 days