POWDER BLUE Solid Pashmina

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OMVAI presents to you the premium quality of authentic Solid Pashminas collection where every single piece comes from the craftsmen of Kashmir. These shawls are woven using fine cashmere and are crafted with utmost finesse and are super soft. It is warm, cozy and feathery light.

The versatility of these luxury Cashmere is unisex and can be worn in all seasons. It adds elegance and grace to your attire and will compliment your outfits perfectly.

It is very good to be used for meditation, travels, nature walk and yoga.

These are perfect as gifts as you can make an impression and delight your loved ones and family with the resplendent touch of pure handwoven plain Pashminas

They have a long life and can be draped in various styles.

Fabric - 100% Wool
Color - Powder Blue
Washing Instructions - Dry Clean Only

100% Cashmere Wool

Woven on Traditional Looms

Ethical and Sustainable

Hand crafted in 40 days