7 Chakra Healing Stones Jewellery Set

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We all carry a force within us, which are called the centers of energy that move inside us as seven (7) chakras.

The healing power of seven (7) chakras is imbibed in this beautiful set of a necklace and a pair of earrings.

The vibrational frequencies of these stones (7 chakras) is in the seven (7) colors of the gemstones used, will help activate your Chakras to bring balance and energy into your life.

White metal with semi precious stones

-Amethyst (Crown) – Spirituality, Positive Thinking and Inspiration
-Lapis Lazuli (Third Eye) – Awareness, Self-knowledge, Intuition and Concentration
-Crystal (Throat)- Communication, Self-Expression and Connection within
-Peridot (Heart)- Love, Forgiveness, Relationships and Feelings
-Coraline (Solar Plexus) – Wisdom, Power, Confidence and Laughter
-Citrine Stone (Sacral) – Sexuality, Creativity, Passion, Endurance and Strength
-Garnet (Root) – Trust, Stability, Courage and Survival

100% Natural Gemstones

Made in 92.5 Sterling Silver

Stamped for Authenticity