Stunning Ruby Encrusted Signet Ring
A exquisite, crimson ruby gemstone set in an intricately designed silver healing ring created with striking craftsmanship.Base metal: 92.5 Sterling SilverGemstone: Heated & Dyed RubyHealing properties: - Encourages joy and spontaneity- Instills courage and promotes laughter. 100% Natural Gemstones Made...
Sixteen Stones Silver Healing Ring
This ring is the epitome of the healing power of gemstones. With sixteen healing stones set in a stylish 4 x 4 square, this silver ring is bound to exert a positive force around you while also making a bold...
Amethyst Gemstone Studded Healing Ring
A truly wondrous amethyst gemstone that is cut and polished to perfection, set in a dazzling silver ring. Base metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver Gemstone: Amethyst Healing Properties:- Soothes stress and irritability.- Balances mood swings.- Provides inner peace. 100% Natural Gemstones...

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