Zig Zag Patterned Pashmina - Lime Green : Teal
OMVAI presents to you the premium quality of super soft and luxurious zig zag patterned pashminas. This range of wraps has a modern touch to the conventional pashminas to make them look alluring and more magnificent.These shawls are woven using...
$229.00 $162.74
Bashe Silver Necklace
$362.25 $267.34
Bashe Silver Necklace
A traditional  necklace which  is always loved to be adorned with any kid of attire or color. A touch of ethic look, a touch of contemporary style and a touch of class and elegance is what this necklace is all...
$362.25 $267.34
Aarna Tourmaline Necklace
$392.00 $289.30
Aarna Tourmaline Necklace
An elegant necklace with Multi Tourmaline gemstones set with a simple yet elegant pattern in Sterling silver. Tourmaline has been said to be a stone of reconciliation, a stone that fosters compassion and cool headedness, radiates the energy that attracts...
$392.00 $289.30
OMVAI Gota Patti Cushion Covers - Mint Green Floral Mosaic
Gota Patti is a type of Indian embroidery. This form of applique embroidery originated from the Royal lands of Rajasthan. The embroidery uses the applique technique wherein small pieces of zari ribbon are applied onto the fabric with the edges...
$53.99 $37.90
MEHRUNISSA Elegant Rich Garnet Red Embroidered Shawl - Unisex
Mehrunissa means beautiful and confident. It means abundance and it is an elegant rich garnet red embroidered shawl, both for men and women, with all over intricate embroidery using silk threads. The intricate jaal look makes the pashmina look very...
$455.71 $278.90
OMVAI : "HEART" Healing Pendant : Green Onyx
A beautiful pendant in healing stones in the shape of the "heart", specifically hand-crafted for your loved ones. This pendant is the perfect gift to express the love you hold in your HEART for your loved ones. for your partner,...
$40.00 $29.52
OMVAI : "I Love You" in Sign Language Pendant : AMETHYST Healing Stone
A beautiful pendant in sterling silver of 92.5, specifically hand-crafted for your loved ones, with a beautiful healing gemstone. This pendant in American Sign Language (ASL) and also, International Sign Language which says "I Love You" makes a great gift...
$67.00 $49.45
OMVAI Semi-Precious Natural Agate Coasters (Set of 4) with Gold plating - Wishful White
These beautiful coasters are designed by rural artisans as a skilled ARTISAN CRAFTSMANSHIP. A very appealing , spectacular and contemporary style set to add elegance and luxury to a table set up.Being handcrafted from natural Agate stones, the slight imperfections add...
$32.57 $22.86
Silver Square Freshwater Pearl Ring
Terrific silver healing ring studded with nine, blinding white and unique freshwater pearls. Metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver Gemstones: Freshwater Pearl Healing Properties: - Provides a sense of calmness - Promotes loyalty and truth - Enhance personal integrity 100% Natural Gemstones...
$45.40 $37.18
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Sparkling Double Stoned Silver Tennis Bracelet
A series of crystallic rainbow moonstones and cubic zirconia gemstones set in an amazingly elegant silver tennis bracelet.  Base Metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver Gemstone : Rainbow Moonstone, Cubic Zirconia Healing Properties:-Enhances creativity-Builds endurance-Improves focus 100% Natural Gemstones Made in 92.5...
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