Garnet Bracelet in Sterling Silver
A terrific, crimson silver bracelet with the collective force of a series of bright red granet stones. Base Metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver Gemstone: Garnet Healing Properties:- Balances and purifies energy- Brings serenity- Reduces emotional disharmony- Inspires love and devotion 100%...
Natural Green Onyx with Cubic Zircon Bracelet
Adorned with natural Green Onyx stones, this powerful bracelet not only will help you in boosting your mental health but also in adding a style statement to your everyday outfit. Base Metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver Gemstones: Green Onyx and Cubic...
Traditional Peacock Jhumki Earrings
Stunning pair of traditional silver jhumki earrings crafted with incredibly artistic handiwork.  The design is inspired from the peacock feather and adds beauty to the jhumki with the hand crafted pattern and hanging silver beadsBase metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver Made...
Long Silver Orbed Drop Earrings
A pair of long drop earrings beautifully finished with a silvery orb that can elicit a sense of grace to your ensemble. Base metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver Made in 92.5 Sterling Silver Stamped for Authenticity
Groovy Beaded Silver Necklace
An amazingly hip sterling silver necklace with stylish, uniquely designed silver beads that can provide your look the perfect finishing touch. Made in 92.5 Sterling Silver Stamped for Authenticity
Rustic Sterling Silver Necklace
A stunningly designed sterling silver necklace that is rooted in rustic Indian culture. The necklace features a brilliant, artistic design that is sure to make heads turn. Base Metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver Made in 92.5 Sterling Silver Stamped for Authenticity...
Sparkling Double Stoned Silver Tennis Bracelet
A series of crystallic rainbow moonstones and cubic zirconia gemstones set in an amazingly elegant silver tennis bracelet.  Base Metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver Gemstone : Rainbow Moonstone, Cubic Zirconia Healing Properties:-Enhances creativity-Builds endurance-Improves focus 100% Natural Gemstones Made in 92.5...
Silver Tennis Bracelet with Seven Gemstones
A powerful silver tennis bracelet that gives you the positive aura of seven incredible gemstones in a single ornament on your wrist.  Base Metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver Gemstones: Amethyst, Garnet, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Peridot, Smoky Quartz, Green Onyx Healing Properties:...
Amethyst Studded Silver Bangle Bracelet
An elegant bangle bracelet fabricated with fine sterling silver that is bejeweled with a series of spectacular Amethyst Gemstones. Base Metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver Gemstone: Amethyst Cab Healing Properties: - Soothes anxiety - Provides inner peace - Balances mood swings...

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